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Wednesday, 7 July 2010

Latest Rapidshare Revision

Latest Rapidshare Changes:

While admitting that they received mostly negative feedback from their customers, the folks at Rapidshare decided it was not confusing enough to change their policy AGAIN. Thus, making my previous post irrelevant.

So now, Rapidshare users will have only one uniform Package, guess what... It’s called RapidPro.

First things First.

Some of the new items which were introduced previously will remain unchanged. For instance:

  • It is Free to create a new Premium account (which I forgot to mention in my previous note). Yes free! But once you discover that you need to buy Rapids later for the account to be of any use, you will see how this illusion fades away.

  • As mentioned, your premium account will not be deleted once you are out of fuel
  • Speaking of fuel, the Rapids will still be your main currency.
  • And the pricing of the Rapids remains the same:

Onto the new changes here:

  • No more RapidSmall, RapiMedium , RapiBig, RapidSupersize, RapidBusiness packages.
  • Only one Package for all: RapidPro
  • More details on the new Package below:

For heavy uploaders and downloaders:

  • If this package does not suit your needs, RS provides you the flexibily to expand your storage (for uploaders) and your traffic (for downloaders) limit by using up Rapids.
  • More details below:

Let’s say you’re a heavy uploader and you’ve consumed all of your 10GB in less than 30 days and you wish to upload more, the only way is to use your Rapids to purchase more storage.

1 GB of Additional storage for uploads = 2 Rapids per month
2 GB of Additional storage for uploads = 4 Rapids per month
And so on…

Now let’s say you love to download huge files (movies, video tutorial, and anime) and you’ve used up all of your 30GB in 1 single day! And you wish to download more. The only way is to use your Rapids and buy more traffic volume.

5GB of traffic volume = 14 Rapids
10GB of traffic volume = 28 Rapids
… maximum traffic volume you can buy in one go is 100GB.

Some final points:

Under Premium Zone, after logging in. Expanding the Settings option, will reveal the following:

  • Keep files forever
This option concerns the Uploaders.

  1. After 60 days, your upload stuff will not be deleted if no one downloads them.
  2. Plus if you decide to buy additional storage, you will be charged only for the additional storage you bought.
  3. To illustrate this, I’ve draw a little diagram. Suppose that you’ve reached your upload limit of 10GB of storage and you decided to purchase an extra of 10GB of storage, you will be charged only on this extra 10GB you purchased:

  • Automatic purchase of traffic
This option concerns the Downloaders:

If checked, this option automatically purchases more traffic volume once you’ve reach the limit (30GB) before 30 days by using your Rapids.

  • Automatic RapidPro Extension
See Diagram below:

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