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Tuesday, 3 August 2010


11. With children
12. With slaves and servants
13. With adversaries
14. With animals
15. A hundred ways to win people's hearts
16. Purify your intention for the sake of Allah
17. Use the right flavour
18. Choose the right topics
19. Be kind at the first meeting
20. People are like the minerals of the earth
21. Mu'awiyah's hair
22. The keys to hearts
23. Taking one's psychological condition
24. Be concerned about others
25. Show them that you want the best...
26. Remember names
27. Be observant and complimentary
28. Only pass comment on what is good
29. Do not interfere in matters that...
30. How to deal with a meddlesome person
31. Do not be dictatorial
32. Do not criticise
33. Hold the stick from the middle
34. Make it easy to rectify a fault
35. The other opinion
36. Respond to mistreatment with kindness
37. Convince him of his error so he may...
38. Do not criticise me! End of story?
39. Verify the fault before criticising
40. Whip me gently!
41. Run away from problems!
42. Admit your faults and do not be arrogant...
43. The keys to mistakes...
44. Untie the bundle
45. Self torture
46. Problems with no solutions
47. Do no kill yourself by grief
48. Be content with what Allah has appointed...
49. Be a mountain
50. Do not curse him because he drinks alcohol!
51. If what you desire does nothappen,...
52. We can disagree and still be brothers!
53. Gentleness only beautifies
54. Between the living and the dead
55. Make your tongue sweet
56. Be concise and do not argue
57. Do not care about what people say
58. Smile and keep smiling
59. The red lines
60. Keeping a secret
61. Fulfilling people's needs
62. Do not burden yourself with what you...
63. Who kicked the cat?
64. Humbleness
65. To worship in secret
66. Take them out of the ditch
67. Looking after one's appearance
68. Honesty
69. Bravery
70. Steadiness on principles
71. Temptations
72. Forgiving others
73. Generosity
74. Restraining oneself from harming others
75. Do not gain enemies
76. The tongue is king
77. Control your tongue
78. The key
79. The emotional bank balance
80. The magician
81. Help by your speech if you cannot do so...
82. Supplications
83. Patching up
84. Look with both eyes
85. The art of listening
86. The art of discussion
87. Block the escape routes of the detractors
88. Wait do not interrupt!
89. Charity before consultation
90. It is not important to always be successful
91. Be brave and start fom now!

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